List of Services and Prices


Small (1"-4") | $6

Large (4"-7+") | $8

Serrated (All) | Same as above

Lawn and Garden

Hand Shears | $8

Loppers/Pruners | $13

Axes/Hatchets | $10-15

Lawn Mower Blades | $10


Scissors | $8

Pick up/Drop off | Varies on location

Other | Call, text, or email for a quote today!

At MKE BladeWorks we treat each blade like it was our own. We grind and hone to a fine edge for maximum cutting performance. All sharpening services come with basic chip removal, tip reprofiling, and rust removal. For more heavily damaged knives and tools we offer more in depth repair at an additional cost. Please, reach out and get a quote today!